Biarritz Oversized Fringe Pendant
Biarritz Oversized Fringe Pendant

Biarritz Oversized Fringe Pendant

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Specifically designed to transform the perception of space. The wonderful worlds of Columbus Imports and Australian artist and designer Libby Watkins unite as they unveil a new collaboration. It was a dreamy story. Columbus Imports hero fibre infused with the relaxed resort style design of Libby Watkins. 
Specially designed piece for the Threebirds Renovation latest house 10 reveal.
This unique hanging piece is handmade, no two fibres or pieces are the same. Hang for a statement or add electrical to make a stunning light pendant. 
Size/ dimension: w 80 x  h 70 cm 
Material: Natural Palm leaf 
Care: As this is a natural fibre, colour and consistency will vary. Keep from direct moisture, when using as a light pendant we recommend LED lights only. Clean with soft duster.
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