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I have bought multiple artworks from Libby and each time I’m greeted with a beautiful piece of the sun. Every work is delightful and brings a smile to your face. Thanks Libby.



Just love Libby and her wonderful work, which is just an extension of her beautiful, vibrant self. A true Aussie gem. 



I love love love my Libby Watkins super pocket!! Order to delivery was seamless - I want it all 🌴 I need a wall piece for every room!



Absolutely loved libby and her stunning art - definately a piece of art to suit every taste - love my mermaid tail ❤️



I bought 2 hand painted oars as a wedding gift and they were THE best gift! I know this couple will always have them in their home and tell their kids and grand kids how they came to own them, which is much better than some plates or some other rubbish gift. Both the guy and the girl in the couple love them - it's sometimes hard to find a piece that suits both halves of a couple. I would love to buy some for myself!