Tropical Jungle Paradiso In SAGE Wallpaper

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Tropical Jungle Paradiso In SAGE Wallpaper by Libby Watkins

Enter the realm of Tropical Jungle Paradiso Wallpaper, hunt for Palm Trees, wildlife and enjoy the hidden water hole under the palms.  Sublime signature design paying tribute to Iconic Signature Palms from the Libby Watkins Collection. Welcome to the island Paradiso. Exclusive artwork to Libby Watkins Studio.


Please review our detailed product information and commonly asked questions below. If you have any further inquiries in relation to this product, please contact our Customer Care team prior to placing your order via email at

Before Ordering

1. Check with your paint manufacturer's call center to ensure PRE- Pasted Wallpaper will stick to your type of painted walls (many modern washable type paints have additives that repel wallpaper, to avoid the disappointment of your wallpaper not sticking to / falling off your wall or creating large bubbles - be sure not to avoid this step.)

 2. Once you’re sure your painted wall will allow our wallpaper to adhere to it, order a sample so you can review your chosen design, colour & pattern for your interior project.

 3. Allow a minimum of 30 days before wallpaper to freshly painted walls allowing the paint to cure and set. 

4. If your paint type is not compatible with wall decor products, simply paint your wall with a high-quality primer, wait 30 days for your painted wall to cure, and then install your chosen design.

Pre-purchase Checklist

  1. Check with your paint manufacturer's call center to ensure wallpaper will stick to your type of walls (many modern paints have additives that repel wallpaper, be sure not to avoid this step! Failing to do this may result in the wallpaper not sticking to / falling off your wall, or creating large bubbles - for the longevity of your new wallpaper, always check your paint is compatible before purchasing.)
  1. Once you’re sure your painted wall will allow our wallpaper to adhere to it, order a sample so you can review your chosen design, colour & pattern suitable for your interior project.
  1. Allow a minimum of 30 days before installing wallpaper to freshly painted walls.
  2. If your paint type is not compatible with wallpaper products, simply re-paint your wall with a high-quality primer as the new topcoat and wait 30 days for your painted wall to cure, and then install your chosen design.

Suitable for use in light residential walls as well as glass, mirrors, and/or brushed metal. Wallpaper is a beautiful & delicate product, it is not designed to be washed/rubbed/scratched, or scrubbed - remember to treat it with the utmost care.

Not suitable for use on highly textured walls, near high heat / wet areas or on painted walls with repellent additives.


  1. Turn off all power points for safety, and remove the power outlet and light switch covers before commencing the below-cleaning process.

  2.  Clean the wall’s surface by wiping it down with a damp cloth (don’t use any chemical cleaners). Wait 24 hours to allow your wall to completely dry.

  3. Layout your wallpaper panels and ensure they’re all in the right order for ease of install

  4. Spray the back of your first drop wallpaper and the wall generously with water. Drops are numbered in sequential order starting from the left to right. 

  5. Line the wallpaper up, and level with the wall and ceiling. From the top to bottom, smooth wallpaper down with clean, dry hands (don’t use any hard objects or smoothing tools to smooth the wallpaper down as it may harm the fabric wallpaper). Work your way down the panel, smoothing out any bubbles as you go

  6. Set up the ladder to the ceiling. Position the paper on the wall. Press it against the wall leaving about 1-2 cm from trimming along the ceiling line. Keep the spray bottle handy so you can spray any spots that might need more water.

  7.  Moving down, stroke the paper against the wall, using a brush or smoother to position it. When you are satisfied with its position, smooth it over fully, removing any air bubbles. Don’t rush, the paste won’t dry that quickly, and you have plenty of time to get in the right spot.

  8. Then, use your sharp knife to cut any extra paper on the ceiling and floor. Remove any extra paste by carefully sponging it off with clean water.

  9. With the next lengths, slide the paper into position so the pattern (if any) is matched, there will be an overlap of approximately 1cm (to match the pattern). Once you have placed the second strip on the wall, your smoothing brush will help align the seams. Follow this process for the rest of the lengths.


    How does it all work?

    How do I measure?

    Simply measure the width & height of your space then select the next size up, you may have some excess however this is unavoidable (as we're unable to print half panels.)

     If you require the wallpaper for a small DIY project, we recommend you purchase a single panel by contacting Customer Care via email at All other sizes shown in the drop-down menu are designed for standard room sizes.

     If you require longer/taller panels, that's no problem! Just get in touch with our customer care team for a quote:

     Please review our detailed product information on the wallpaper you are looking at purchasing to ensure your paint is compatible with the wallpaper.


     How long does it take to ship?

    Libby Watkins proudly produces all wallpaper right here in Australia, custom-made to your specifications. This allows us to alter most designs to be specific to your colour palette should you need something a little more unique!

     All wallpapers are printed and shipped within 14 days of ordering.

     We ship our wallpapers all around the world.

     Please review our shipping guide for information on transit times to your door..

     *Should your wallpaper not pass our strict quality control measures, this may delay our standard turnaround time - however, we will contact you to let you know if this occurs. We want to make sure your new wallpaper is perfect!


     Custom sizes

    If you can't find the wall size you require, or design don't worry - simply get in touch with our Design team who will happily assist with your inquiry, please email during business hours. 

     Libby Watkins business hours are: Monday - Saturday 8am - 4pm AEST

     We are located an hour out of Sydney, in The Northern Beaches in Australia.


     What is it made from?

     Libby Watkins wallpaper is made from an opaque woven/fabric matte wallpaper suitable for residential & light commercial interiors.

     The base fabric of Libby Watkins wallpaper is: 50% Polyester, 45% Polyethylene

    All wallpaper is printed using water-based inks.

     Proudly made in Australia by Libby Watkins.


    Refunds / Exchanges

    Please choose carefully, as unfortunately due to the fragile and custom-made nature of our product(s), we do not offer refunds/returns or exchanges based on change of mind, wrong decisions, or incorrect choices.

    All products are artistically designed & edited, and printed from the same design files we advertise online if you have any queries about a particular design on our website, please contact our design team via email at before placing your order.

    If you have any further inquiries, please via email at



    Wallpaper samples are uniquely designed for you to review your chosen pattern & scale. Samples feature a 'to scale' section of your chosen design, along with a small preview of what a panel of your chosen wallpaper can look like.

    We strongly recommend you purchase a sample to see how your favourite design(s) will look in your home prior to purchasing a full wall, wallpaper is custom made just for you and is not refundable due to change of mind or wrong decisions.

    Samples are not intended for:

    • Highly detailed colour matching purposes. There can be slight shifts in colour between print runs, which is unavoidable in the nature of printing so your wallpaper may vary slightly from sample colouring.
    • Samples are not designed to test if your paint will adhere to wall coverings, you must contact your paint manufacturer prior to purchasing to ensure your paint type will allow wall coverings to bond to it. If you purchase wallpaper and it does not adhere correctly to your painted wall (bubbling or falls off), this is an issue with your paint type repelling the product. Do not skip our Pre-Purchase Checklist (see section) 

    Our wallpaper designers will do their best to accommodate any customization requirements to your final wall purchase like; the scale of the pattern (most can be made smaller or larger) and/or colour changes. Additional samples will need to be purchased if you would like to test any customizations.

    Samples are not designed for small projects, if you would like a small section of wallpaper for a project please contact customer care for a quote.

    Libby Watkins wallpaper and decals are made from a unique woven/fabric matte wallpaper suitable for residential & light commercial interiors. It is not a washable product.

    Fabric: 50% Polyester, 45% Polyethylene

    Width: 75cm panels / Finished design will have a 5mm-1cm overlap on the right side of each panel.

    Please note that many paint products on the market such as Washable, Wash and Wear, Low Sheen, and Semi-Gloss contain high amounts of additives and other chemicals such as teflon and silicone, which repel self-adhesive wallpapers and decals. We recommend you contact your paint manufacturer's call center to ask if self-adhesive wallpaper is suitable for use on your painted walls.

    Please ensure that you order the correct amount as we do not guarantee that rolls printed in different print runs on different days will be an exact match.

    Purchasing Policy and disclaimer

    It is upon the purchaser to ensure this product is suitable for the location and wall it is to be installed based on all information provided within this detailed product page and the drop-down sections above. 

    For further detailed information, we recommend you contact Customer Care prior to placing your order if you have any questions or concerns as unfortunately due to the custom made nature of this product, it is not eligible for a refund, store credit, or exchange based on change of mind, wrong decision or if you have not fully reviewed our detailed product information above.

    Disclaimer: Whilst all testing of Peel & Stick products and wallpaper has shown positive feedback and undergone years of testing via this US patented product, it is important to know that we can not guarantee that under any and all circumstances the material will stay completely in tact and/or that no adhesive will remain on the surface when removed or that your surface will not adhere to it. The number of painted coats on your wall, age and type of paint used, direct, undulation, dryness or dampness of your intended surface, no PVA primers used, and heat from the sun may have effects when removing from the surface. We advise against hanging wallpaper above a cot, baby, or child's bed. Choking hazard: Wallpaper and wall decals are not toys, full adult supervision is required - keep out of reach of children.

    Purchasing a Libby Watkins wallpaper means you agree to have thoroughly read and understand our pre-purchase checklist, purchasing policy, and above disclaimer.



    Libby Watkins prints and ships your order within 14 business days*. Our team is dedicated to achieving the highest quality in the wall decor industry. 

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    Please visit our Shipping Policy or FAQ for more detailed information.