TRISH MURRAY l Fashion Stylist & TV Presenter

TRISH MURRAY l Fashion Stylist & TV Presenter

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TRISH MURRAY l Fashion Stylist & TV Presenter
As a Fashion Stylist, I lam passionate about helping others find their signature style, aligning their inner beauty with their outward appearance. It’s often this achievement, (when they love how they look), that gives them self confidence.
While I love dressing others, my own sense of style is about dressing in harmony with my surroundings. My happy place is near the ocean. My haven is Luxury. Romance | 5 to Beach. This beautiful hides way is located Northern NSW. Here everything is luxe, so I want to dress comfortably and relaxed but also with a sense of effortless style. This look is all about the tropical silk sarong scarf, a beautiful piece that can be worn as a sarong by the pool, or dressed up for cocktails as dusk. Here I wear it with the perfectly cut cossid thanks to Marvel Lane, crazy comfortable thongs with arch support, a big show stopper straw hat and hand made with love accessories. Wherever I can, I support Australian women in business and most of these items have been created by an amazing women I highly admire. [Part1]


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