TRISH MURRAY l Fashion Stylist & TV Presenter

TRISH MURRAY l Fashion Stylist & TV Presenter

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TRISH MURRAY l Fashion Stylist & TV Presenter
As a Fashion Stylist, I lam passionate about helping others find their signature style, aligning their inner beauty with their outward appearance. It’s often this achievement, (when they love how they look), that gives them self confidence.
Gold is my GO TO metallic colour to help feel sparkly, elegant and joyful. It can be used as an accessory or highlighted, just as Libby Watkins has done on her beautiful Coco Cabana Kaftan. While I may live in a warmer climate, when I travel, I pack super soft and comfortable bamboo leggings that can be worn underneath a silk kaftan to add a layer of warmth and yet still enjoy the feminine movement that silk creates.  The boots are as hero as the kaften and go with just about anything due to their metallic shade.  The Three Way versatile Clutch, made by high quality leather, as the name suggests can be worn several ways. The stunning precious stone jewellery has been designed by two women who are passionate about creating unique pieces and the gold cuff helps encourage empowerment and I love wearing two maing me feel like Wonder Woman.   Whereever I can, I support Australian women in business and many of these items have been created by an amazing bunch of women I highly admire.  [Part2]


dress, jewelries, painting



Coco Cabana in La Palma long split hem Kaftan

Gold custom made boots

Full Leggings - Black

Heavenly Escape Smoky Quartz Necklace

Heavenly Smoky Quartz Earrings

Matte Finished Hammered Gold Cuff

Coco Cabana Print Collection


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